1,000 Year Project

We are working to document the life of organisms that live on a scale much greater than you and I.  A majestic Redwood tree is our likely first candidate as they can live for many human generations, and are fairly accessible.  We plan to capture details every day from the time the tree sprouts, to the time it topples.

Imagine having the ability to travel back in time to see a giant tree when it was just sprouting 1,000 years ago.  Being able to pick a point in the past 500 years and virtually exploring the beautiful coral reef.  Now, imagine if you could type your name into a kiosk and select the day your great-great-grandmother was born – just to see the creatures that lived in the same structure.  What if we could look back on wind speed, temperature, moisture, pressure, nitrate levels, and just about anything in the environment; and compare it directly to photos and a 3D model of that ancient organism?  We will be looking forward to those who will look back on us.  We are documenting future-history.

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